Vegan Trader Joe's!

All the vegan food that's fit to eat at TJ's! Magical discontinued foods included, because we long for them. If you want to be a contributor to the board, just email and let's do this!

Vegan Trader Joe's!

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Trader Joe's Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles Chewy Sugar Cookies! So So Amazing!

  • Moonkiss

    Don't even remind me! I'll be thinking about these until I buy a box.

Trader Joe's Salt and Pepper Pistachios! YUM!


  • Susan Seitz
    Susan Seitz

    Thank you TJ!!

  • Virginia Duplessis
    Virginia Duplessis

    OH. EM. GEE.

  • Lori Bock
    Lori Bock

    Gotta make a shopping trip to TJ to get my Fall pumpkin fix.

Don't think it's going to taste like coconut, it does not it's a plain coconut milk creamer. So good, my favorite creamer so far.

  • Lauren Smith | The Oatmeal Artist
    Lauren Smith | The Oatmeal Artist

    Ooo! Is this new? I've never seen it before!

  • Tiffany

    Does this contain carrageenan?

  • Kyrie M
    Kyrie M

    Tiffany, it does not contain carrageenan, I can snap a picture later if you'd like.

Jackfruit chips

Trader Joe's Fruit Frenzy Bars II.

See my Top 10 Favorite food items from Trader Joe's from Carrie on #Vegan | www.carrieonvegan...


  • The Vibrant Vegan Life
    The Vibrant Vegan Life

    Wait, so.... the "cream cheese" is vegan?

  • Mandy Gleason
    Mandy Gleason

    I just saw this at Trader Joe's and it is sadly not vegan. It has milk in it.

  • Ellen Kessler
    Ellen Kessler

    Cream cheese is not vegan, but you can make or buy vegan cream cheese.

Trader Joes brown rice packets, microwaveable and ready in 3 minutes. Eat with veggies for a quick dinner.

vegan at trader joe's! #MyVeganJournal

Veganize Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread: Use pumpkin to make your muffins lighter

Top 10 Vegan Trader Joe's Products

  • Sharon Long
    Sharon Long

    I love the way mainstream is getting inti the game of Vegan foids. But it worries me that as with any good product that starts out small and finds success that it becomes more aboyt money then a good qualuty priduct. Especially with all tge new "processed prepackaged" versions if Vegan food tgat can be made at hime frim scratch. Just a scary red flag to me where I wouldnt want ti see such a healthy trend fall into the same pitfalls as theur predesessers in the food business! The often high salt content and preservitives specificaly amoung various other ingredients snuck into some of tge products that just dont need to be included!

  • diana parker
    diana parker

    Well, since we're dealing with human beings, it's a safe bet to say that everything you've mentioned WILL happen. If there's money to be made, it WILL be made. For those of us that chose vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, we took it upon ourselves to do the research and find out what is healthy and what isn't. We don't blindly follow what the big money corporations tell us. so I think it'll be up to the individual to make sure to read ingredients in prepackaged veg foods.

  • Sharon Long
    Sharon Long

    Totally! I mean...right there...prepackaged is just scary to me. Just like you said, there will be the money mkngers cropping up. But like you also said, at least wr now can make informed de isions since we have done the homework ourselves and need not fall victim to the giants again!

  • diana parker
    diana parker

    If you haven't already, check out Diet, Health and the wisdom of crowds. OnYou Tube. Very interesting.

  • Sharon Long
    Sharon Long

    Thanks i will. I love food documentarys!


  • Olivia Morgan
    Olivia Morgan

    Morgan Fuller ive so got that on my desk... Haha #addicted

  • K Blades
    K Blades

    Soooo amazing!! I put it on my bagel this morning. Heavenly!

  • Billy Longenecker
    Billy Longenecker

    there should be a warning on the label that this stuff is highly addictive! You simply can't stop at just take one spoon full!!!

  • Virginia Duplessis
    Virginia Duplessis

    time for fat pants

  • Billy Longenecker
    Billy Longenecker

    moderation, it's all about moderation!!! ;-)

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Trader Joe's Vegetable Pad Thai.

  • herbivore

    I recently bought this when I went to TJ's. While it was convenient to have on hand for a quick dinner, I found it a bit spicy for my taste.

  • Melody Ross
    Melody Ross

    I had this today and I did not like it at all.

  • Jana Rose
    Jana Rose

    This is great, but I didn't buy it as it contains palm oil.I try not to buy anything with palm oil as they are destroying the forests and it means death to the orangutans and other endangered species.

  • Patti Verlengia
    Patti Verlengia

    I like things pretty spicy, but this was too spicy for me.

  • Jennifer Reynoso
    Jennifer Reynoso

    I wouldn't buy it for the fact that it has palm oil either. It's really harsh on animal habitat!

Trader Joe's Frozen Falafel.

Trader Joe's Frozen Falafel.

  • Sally Vail
    Sally Vail

    This exists? Mmmm

  • Amanda Stosz
    Amanda Stosz

    These are really good. I miss them, wheat makes me sick though.

  • Jana Rose
    Jana Rose

    They are great, I like them

  • Katey

    These are really good. Surprising for frozen falafel!

Trader Jose's Taco Shells.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookies.

Trader Joe's Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds.

  • Peggy Muszynski Vegan
    Peggy Muszynski Vegan

    I didn't like this. Weird chalky texture/flavor. But yay for Trader Joe's!

  • Sammy Losee
    Sammy Losee

    Really good on top of pasta. Had it at my bro and sis-in-law's place when we visited. Mmmm. Trader Joes... Come to BC!!!

  • Alyson Montez
    Alyson Montez

    I haven't ever seen this, only soy cheese that isn't vegan. I'm going to look there today!

  • Keisha Terrell
    Keisha Terrell

    My go to cheese I don't use anything else it melts wonderfully

  • Alyson Montez
    Alyson Montez

    I've been using this in combination with Follow Your Heart, I love it because a lot of vegan cheeses don't melt as well. Plus FYH has coupons on their website :)

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Trader Joe's Vegan Organic Black Bean Soup.

  • Anne Davis Design
    Anne Davis Design

    I like this soup but the sodium is so high that I won't buy it.

  • Stephen Triest
    Stephen Triest

    Amazing stuff. Delicious!

Trader Joe's Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds.

  • Sara Diane
    Sara Diane

    I like how thin the shreds are! Started to melt right away when I put it on soup :-)

  • Tatiana Fox
    Tatiana Fox

    The texture is great! I thought it tasted good too.

  • Tess Fine
    Tess Fine

    Life changing! I never even think to check their cheese section, because last time they had "dairy-free" cheese, it still had casein.

  • Christine

    Better taste than Daiya

  • Lisa Milum
    Lisa Milum

    Wow. Apparently I am the only person who hated this!! It was awful and stuck to me teeth. Made a homemade pizza and a quesadilla...both were awful. Daiya works better and tastes better.

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Trader Joe's Potsticker Soup...can be made vegan! MAKING THIS FOR SURE.

Quick #vegan Mexican dinner a la Trader Joe's

glazed-vegan-meatballs (using Trader Joe's vegan meatballs)

  • Anne Davis Design
    Anne Davis Design

    I served these at a cocktail party. No guest was vegan and yet they all of these vegan meatballs. They're good dipped in TJs spicy honey mustard.

  • Jess B
    Jess B

    awesome product loved it

  • Robin Schultz
    Robin Schultz

    These are off the shelf for a couple of months. I'm so bummed!

  • Heather

    me too!

  • Lisa Christine
    Lisa Christine

    I hope they are coming back -- I was told they were but it has been soooooooooooooooooo long now...

Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats are weirdly delicious!

  • Lindsey Treffry
    Lindsey Treffry

    So there's no gelatin in these?

  • Donna Lewis
    Donna Lewis

    yeah, how are these vegan? Are they vegan marshmallows?

  • E

    I don't think they use marshmallows. It's like a sickly sweet syrup.

  • Jinni Ⓥ
    Jinni Ⓥ

    Taste and smell like play doh. :(

  • Catherine Wright
    Catherine Wright

    These are just "OK" - not bad in a pinch.

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