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Patchwork Twirler Skirt/ dress Tutorial by . This is soooo adorable, think I may make the dress & skirt version for Sweet P Sewing Kids Clothes, Sewing For Kids, Baby Sewing, Free Sewing, Sewing Hacks, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Crafts, Circle Skirt Tutorial, Skirt Patterns Sewing

patchwork Twirler Skirt TUTORIAL

The tutorial that follows below is the instructions to make any sized tired patchwork skirt you desire. For those who choose to skip the math and would like a complete dress pattern, you can find a pattern for this dress at my Etsy. The hardest part about this dress is not going bonkers while gathering the last layer. Make sure you have enough scrapes on hand, or head off to the thrift store for some pillow cases and free box goodies. Its best to have cotton-blends. Fabrics that have too…

steampunk skirt clothing reconstruction tutorial by Indietutes. Steampunk Kids, Everyday Steampunk, Mode Steampunk, Steampunk Halloween, Steampunk Wedding, Victorian Steampunk, Steampunk Costume, Steampunk Fashion, Halloween Fun

dress to steampunk skirt reconstruction TUTORIAL

May two thousand seven is when when I wrote my first tutorials for this blog. I feel weird about this little realization that six years later I'm still here. I've kept this blog longer than any home I've ever lived in. Wowzers. Six and a half years, still here telling people what to do. Should I shut up? Maybe. But one more tutorial first. Before After So my little girl isn't so little anymore. Four years have passed since I made her this Revolutions Frock (on the left - which you can find…

solar dress pattern During a recent little heat wave, the ease and functionality of the basic sundress - no ruffles, no laye. Sundress Pattern, Dress Sewing Patterns, Sewing Patterns Free, Free Sewing, Clothing Patterns, Free Pattern, Sewing Kids Clothes, Sewing For Kids, Diy Clothes

solar dress (free) pattern

During a recent little heat wave, the ease and functionality of the basic sundress - no ruffles, no layers, no sleeves - become rather urgent. Believe it or not, but there are very few 'plain' dresses around here. Smootch's taste tends to run towards drag queen and I try stay out of wardrobe decisions. The high temperature, though, wore Smootch down and a dress without any extras to trap heat and a wide enough base to get a little breeze going was requested. Happy to oblige, little lady…

Teaching a child to knit. This mama has wonderful insight. I may have to get needles and yarn for mine daughter today :) Finger Knitting, Loom Knitting, Knitting Patterns, Manta Crochet, Knit Crochet, Crafts To Make, Crafts For Kids, Learn How To Knit, Sewing Class

Guest Blogger - Charity from Indietutes

Note from Hannah: Before you start into this post, I just want to say that even if you don't know how to knit and will therefore not be likely to teach your girl how to knit, the lessons in this tutorial are about far more than knitting. As I read Charity's words, I saw lessons mostly about respect, teaching self reliance and love. If you ask me, It is worth your time to read every single syllable of this post. (I've "bolded" some of my favorite lines). How to teach knitting to your girl 1…

I have received a few requests to explain how to a simple tiered twirl skirt. The patchwork skirt uses the same method, but here are the dis. Sewing Kids Clothes, Sewing For Kids, Diy Clothes, Skirt Mini, Twirl Skirt, Chiffon Skirt, Ruffle Skirt, Patchwork Baby, Patchwork Dress

Pattern: Tiered Patchwork Twirler for child in PDF | Etsy

This PDF pattern contains all you need - instructions and pattern pieces - to make a Tiered Patchwork Twirler dress. This is, hands down, my daughter’s absolute favorite dress to wear, dance, and twirl in. The tiered twirl dress is relaxed and loose fitting, forming a circle when laid down flat.

strapless fairy wings: a tutorial of sorts Diy Fairy Wings, Diy Wings, Sewing Hacks, Sewing Crafts, Halloween Ball, Kids Dress Up, Cosplay Tutorial, Beautiful Fairies, Costume Makeup

strapless fairy wings: a tutorial of sorts

Perhaps this comes naturally to some people but I had to seriously think my way through making five sets of fairy wings for girl child's Grimm play. Actually, it was even worse; I needed The Man to help me figure out how to attach the darn things. The problem was two fold. First there was the wings, which couldn't be any old wings, given that this is for the theatre and not Halloween dress up (the difference I'm still a bit hazy on but have been assured that they are not the same). The five…

whole wheat flour,soy milk--sort of healthy Egg Free Desserts, Egg Free Recipes, Allergy Free Recipes, Other Recipes, Just Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Eggless Baking, Vegan Baking, Egg Free Muffins

my plan for action

A few days ago we had our first visit from our homeschool coordinator, whose job it is to liaison between us and the school board. It went well and now we are officially in exclusive charge of educating our daughter. All legit. We have a list of objectives that is our responsibility to ensure she knows before she is nineteen years of age, a budget that is ten times smaller than that used for each public school student, and an optimistic philosophy of learning. Here we go! Urk! After the…

Make a specimen display shelf - home school idea Wood Shelves, Display Shelves, Display Ideas, Harry Potter Display, Regal Display, Sand Collection, Travel Crafts, Girl Closet, Home Learning

Specimen Display Shelf tutorial

This cat is not on display. Girl child has a love of collecting interesting and unusual natural objects and lately we've made a study of historical curio cabinets as found in Europe during the baroque period. Around the house there are several stashes of girl child's specimens, everything from beetles and skulls to rocks and the stitches that came out of her father's head after minor surgery. Every once in a while, the girl needs a new shelf in which to display the interesting things she…

carve into candles with a bamboo skewer then paint! Fun Arts And Crafts, Easy Crafts For Kids, Crafts To Make, Art For Kids, Diy Crafts, Kids Fun, Art Activities For Kids, Summer Activities, Candle Art

candle carving : kids craft

***************************************** 1. candles 2. skewer for carving 3. paint in the trenches 4. wipe off excess 5. appreciate 6. burn (I have been told that you can work magic with carved candles. Perhaps by carving in the name of the person you wish to curse? Or does it make a wish come true? I'm hesitant to experiment, just in case I have it by the wrong end. Anyone have a literary reference to candle magic?)

How to extend the life span of worn boots Old Boots, Sew Simple, Diy Clothing, The Struts, Suede Boots, Make Me Smile, Dyi, Mattress, Medieval

new old boots

I have these micro-suede boots. They are about three or four years old, maybe more. They have a thin lining in them and I like to wear them when it's not too cold or too wet but not yet warm. There are quite a few of those days where I live. Though they aren't particularly well made boots, I like them because they have practically no heel and fit over my monster feet. Bunions (such an ugly word) are evil masters and dictate much of what can be worn. Which is why, as the boots have been…

Pin cushion made from novelty floral container - Rhinoceros pincushion TUTORIAL by Indietutes Pincushion Tutorial, Sewing Notions, Pin Cushions, Easy Crafts, Lion Sculpture, Container, Rhinos, Rhinoceros, Crafty

floral container pin cushion (tutorial)

Hey, want a super quick project to do with your kids? How about a quick present for your favorite seamstress? Aan excuse to visit the thrift shops to hunt for treasure in the knick knackery? Floral container to pin cushion. So right. I picked up this little guy in a thrift shop a few weeks ago because... well, because I couldn't really resist. And can you blame me? I imagine that if you were the sentimental type to save your floral containers that your new baby bouquets came in that this…

 Bib Tunic PDF pattern, now available in the shop ! Fall Outfits, Kids Outfits, Tunic Sewing Patterns, Sewing Tutorials, Sewing Ideas, Sewing Projects For Kids, Children Clothes, Child Love, Print Design

Tunic Sewing Pattern PDF

This Bib Tunic Sewing Pattern PDF (ePattern) was inspired by the classic tunic fit of many cultures throughout time and history. This loose, flowing tunic is created from basic geometric blocks. It is simple to construct out of any type of woven cloth. It is great for both warmth when made of a heavier material and for protecting the body from the sun without overheating in a light fabric. Beautiful in its simplicity to construct, it is a style that is made for living in. Children love…

I have this resistance to popsicle stick crafts. It's not so much popsicle sticks per se, as they reused from popsicles enjoyed on a hot su. Craft Stick Crafts, Crafts For Kids, Craft Ideas, Toys For Little Kids, Popsicle Sticks, Cub Scouts, Popsicles, Shadow Box, Boxes

popsicle stick project rescue: shadow boxes

I have this resistance to popsicle stick crafts. It's not so much popsicle sticks per se, as they reused from popsicles enjoyed on a hot summer day, but to a quantity of fresh popsicle sticks being sold as craft supplies. I also disdain foam shapes, pipe cleaners and overprices bags of polished rocks and glass gems. This is a problem I have, according to girl child, who loves all those things. This semi-articulated protest against turning personal crafty creativity into unsustainable mass…

It's not always easy to engage boy child in a craft. But, I've discovered, toys + hot glue + spray paint is an irresistible combination. Boy Toys, Toys For Boys, Creative Things, Easter Ideas, Repurposed, Upcycle, Recycling, Tutorials, Statue

lamp of epic

It's not always easy to engage boy child in a craft. But, I've discovered, toys + hot glue + spray paint is an irresistible combination. We always have a few toys from the thrift store laying about. The lamp was also purchased at the thrift store for a few dollars. Below is boy child's pondering face. Each toy was placed carefully with great thought put into balance and overall aesthetics. Spray paint found on sale at the hardware last week. And together they make boy child's lamp of…

Owl mask made with paperclay - tute lite by Indietutes. Owl Mask, Paperclay, Mask Making, Holidays Halloween, Masks, Crafting, Tutorials, Craft Ideas, Costumes

owl half mask

I've begun to play a bit with paperclay. I suppose that with all new materials, there is a bit of a learning curve. The horns for this goat doll was my first ever try. Generally, I'm quite pleased with this mask. It is lightweight and fairly strong. The paint on it is watercolour pencil and a layer of gloss fixative. I'm choosing to ignore the little cracks in it. I began with a mask shape made from card stock. I taped it to the outside of a mixing bowl to give it a rounded shape to fit a…

Making robots with the kids from found objects Robot Parts, Robots, Art For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Projects To Try, Objects, Tutorials, Toys, School

robot parts

365 days spent collecting broken bits of toys from playgrounds, smashed phones off sidewalks, and all the odds and ends of birthday party gift bags. Hundreds of little bits of plastic, metal, wood, and rubber. Half an hour of reminiscing about the smell of molten glue being the smell of my childhood during the heyday of glue gun. Fabric covered photo albums. Good times. Twenty minutes of agonizing over the placement of every piece. Fifteen minutes play for every ten minutes creating. Eight…