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For 40 years, Vegetarian Times has been at the forefront of the healthy living movement, providing irresistible vegetarian recipes and expert nutrition tips.

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Strawberries-and-Cream-Frozen-Terrine | This is an elegant make-ahead dessert that both kids and adults enjoy. Fresh basil helps highlight the strawberry flavor in the sorbet layer of the terrine.

Polenta Cake with Blackberries and Fresh Corn


Minty Melon Sorbet | Sweet melon sorbet, accented with mint and ginger, melts in your mouth and cleanses the palate to finish a meal. The alcohol helps keep the sorbet smooth.

Lemon-Apricot Chia Muffins | Chia seeds combined with non-dairy milk make a great egg substitute in these naturally sweetened vegan muffins—they also add a delicate crunch that’s reminiscent of poppy seeds.

Lavender and Fig Tart with Goat Cheese Cream

Grilled Peach and Raspberry Fruit Salad

Honey-Roasted Plum and Raspberry Chia Pudding | With a creamy consistency similar to tapioca, chia pudding is the perfect summertime treat

Thai Green Bean Curry with Pineapple and Sweet Potatoes | Blending part of the sweet potatoes into the broth of this hearty dish yields a rich, creamy curry base without an excessive amount of coconut milk.

Spicy Mushroom Lettuce Cups with Cilantro Lime Creme

Chia Bircher Muesli | As simple as combining a few ingredients in a bowl and refrigerating overnight, Bircher muesli is the go-to choice for a nutritious, quick-and-delicious breakfast

Orange Sunflower Slaw | Don’t be fooled by the name. This delightful blend of orange, ginger, mint, and fresh vegetables is so much more than a cabbage-y side salad.

Green Bean Salad with Feta and Walnuts

Dry Fried Szechuan Green Beans | Spicy and satisfying, this Chinese restaurant favorite is easy to re-create at home. Serve with steamed rice.

Tomato Summer Squash Skewers

Pink Peppercorn Green Bean Pickles | For color and flavor in homemade pickles, pink peppercorns can’t be beat. Use these pickled green beans to jazz up salad plates, sandwiches, and martini cocktails.