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    free pattern : Piggy Bella by "Croby Patterns"

    FREE Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Piggy Bella

    free pattern : Cute Rabbit Doll by "fukuroucrafts"

    Pattern Crochet Cute Rabbit Doll, แพทเทิร์น ตุ๊กตา ถัก โครเชต์ กระต่าย น่ารัก

    Free pattern : Sadness (inside out) by "Mia handcrafter"

    Sadness (Inside out)

    free pattern : Amigurumi Deer pattern by "Eden Dintsikos" - Ravelry

    Amigurumi Deer

    free pattern : Elsa crochet toddler doll by "annie-88" - Deviantart

    Elsa crochet toddler doll - Now with pattern!

    Free pattern : Sweet Coron Amigurumi by "Nanaliciouz"

    Free pattern: Sweet Coron Amigurumi

    Free pattern : Micro Sheldon by "A[mi]dorable Crochet"

    Micro Sheldon Pattern

    Free pattern : Small cat with joined legsby "Mari-Liis Lille"

    Small cat with joined legs – free amigurumi pattern

    Free pattern : Freddie Mercury by "Moji-Moji Design"

    Freddie Mercury

    Free pattern : base by Ina Rho

    Base - Another Amigurumi Pattern - InArt

    Easter Chicken - Free Crochet Pattern

    That Curious Cat! » Happy Easter – Free Pattern Easter Chicken.

    free pattern : cute Amanda - the little dolly by Uljana Semikrasa - Ravelry

    cute Amanda - the little dolly pattern by Uljana Semikrasa

    free pattern : Conejita Emma

    Chica outlet: Conejita Emma

    free pattern : Elf Pattern by "A[mi]dorable Crochet"

    A[mi]dorable Crochet: Elf Pattern

    free pattern : Rudy the reindeer by "Tales of Twisted Fibers"

    Rudy, the reindeer

    free pattern : Big Hero 6 - Baymax by "Krawka"

    Krawka: Big Hero 6 - Baymax free pattern

    free pattern : Olaf from Frozen ! by "1dogwoof"

    Olaf from Frozen Crochet Amigurumi Pattern - One Dog Woof

    Free Pattern : Candy-clops by Gleeful Things

    Free Crochet Pattern: Candy-clops | Gleeful Things

    Free Pattern : Funny snowman Amigurumi by MaryJ Handmade

    Pinned from

    Angel Keychain by The Duchess' Hands

    626 and 624 | The Duchess' Hands

    Stitch Keychain by The Duchess' Hands

    626 and 624 | The Duchess' Hands

    free pattern : Mega Charizard Y by "Mia's Atelier"

    Mega Charizard Y

    free pattern : The Unnamed Monster Pattern by "amigurumi to go"

    Video The Unnamed Monster Pattern ~ Amigurumi To Go

    free pattern : Updated Clefairy Pokemon by Danielle Adams

    Oh, Yarn It!: Updated Clefairy!

    Free pattern : Potted plant decoration by Kamila Krawka Krawczyk

    Krawka: Potted plant decoration - Silly Bee