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an illustration of people dancing in front of a building with colorful walls and arches on it
Isyan - song and lyrics by Ko Shin Moon, Melike Şahin | Spotify
the front cover of welcome to pleasure, with an image of people dancing in different colors
frankie goes to hollywood - pleasuredome
a pink cat laying on top of a green leafy plant filled with lots of leaves
Purrple Cat on Apple Music
‎Cat Nap by Purrple Cat on Apple Music
four hands reaching for each other in the air with their fingers on top of them
Adult Jazz
Spotify – Gist Is - Album by Adult Jazz
a painting of a man holding a guitar
I Lied (with Allison Ponthier)
Spotify – I Lied (with Allison Ponthier) - song and lyrics by Lord Huron
a man in a black suit is cutting paper
Hior Chronik on Apple Music
‎Out of the Dust by Hior Chronik on Apple Music
a pink painting with blue, yellow and red paint on it's edges that reads for the time being
For the Time Being
Erlend Øye, La Comitiva
an image of a drawing of a person in bed
They Stay Down Deep - Single by Giselle on Apple Music
‎They Stay Down Deep - Giselle
a woman with long hair standing in front of an artistic background and looking at the camera
Güzel Şeyler by Simge Pınar on Apple Music
‎Güzel Şeyler - Simge Pınar
the cover art for labrinth sia duo's album, which features an image of two people sitting at a table
‎Melike Şahin - Kimin Izdırabı
Melike Şahin adlı sanatçının Kimin Izdırabı - Single albümü Apple Music’te
‎Melike Şahin - Kimin Izdırabı
four people standing in front of a pink sky with the sun behind them and clouds
How to Run Away by Slow Magic
How to Run Away - Slow Magic
a woman sitting on the ground in front of a red wooden structure with her legs crossed
dont smile at me by Billie Eilish on Apple Music
Billie Eilish - dont smile at me