Cantico delle Creature

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a man with a skeleton face standing in front of a golden clock and wearing a black robe
Cantico delle Creature von Gerald Spitzner - Rzeszow - 8.12.2009
Konzert 8.12.2009 - VIDEO
several pictures of people in an old building with lights on and one man standing at the front of the room
Cantico delle Creature - Gerald Spitzner - 5c Mars
von Gerald Spitzner - 5c - Mars
an orchestra playing in a large room filled with people
Parafia Wniebowzięcia NMP (Bernardyni Rzeszów) Rzeszów
von Gerald Spitzner - Uraufführung (2 Chöre und Polnische Philharmonie) mit Fernsehübertragung TVP 8.12.2009
an ornate frame with the words cantico dell creature written in italian
Originaltext | Originaltext
an old sheet with musical notations on it
von Gerald Spitzner -Entstehungsgeschichte