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Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti) BEST

Gotham needs me HAHAHA Heart Vs. Brain (By Awkward Yeti) draw your otp doing all these lol

What Kind Of Thinker Are You? This was an interesting quiz and the results were so true. It gives you a cool video about your thinking.

You got: Wandering Mind It sounds bad - but it’s actually great. Your brain is always working, and working hard. Or Visual Thinker You think in pictures, and you understand all things spatial. You’re a visual thinker, and that’s awesome.



Interesting Mirador House by 2.8x Architects

Interesting Mirador House by Architects // You may find amazing architecture anywhere you go. What about Lima, Peru? In Lima Architects designed a simple, but modern piece of architecture called the Mirador House. - Home Decoratings