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venla luotonen
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Aghhhh- more than half is from HP!!!!!! *wipe a tear

Out of all the people in the movies and books, they always pick our favorites to die!<<<<let's take a moment to appreciate all the Harry Potter characters and then cry.

Ron's face compared to Harry's face = priceless... XD

Rons excessive fear of spiders. harry's face is the same in all of them! it's not like spiders are trying to KILL you right now! no, ron's just freaking out for no reason!

You tell her, Dan!

Haha "That's not a spell, it's a potion!" You tell her, Dan.<<<"the lucky potion" dude do you even know what Harry Potter is? Call it "liquid luck" at least!

Mulan is chill and all. But who hides their emotions better than Scorpio? Why the fuck didn't we get Elsa? Just sayin...

Horoscopes as Disney Princesses. I am Mulan, which Disney Princess represents you?

This is stupid! Don't make pictures like this and post them as if they have anything to do with the way J.K. Rowling wrote the books. Where is this mentioned in the books? Nowhere.

I'm a pureblood! But a good one, like James Potter or Sirius Black, or Andromeda Black Tonks!<<< I'm a muggleborn!