I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.

This is so true. I am often astonished by the many blessings from God that I never asked for, yet yearned for them in my heart. God truly knows every detail of your life and gives to us freely. Be grateful for the little things. God loves you!

Best feeling EVER.

Birth, nothing brings a woman more joy than the day she holds her newborn baby for the very first time. Regardless of how many I've had, I still feel this overwhelming sense of pride, joy, and love that no words can describe!

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Everything. In Jesus name. | "Grace Resonates" | Pinterest | Jesus, God and Jesus Names

I just prayed up and received this wrod in due season. Gloriae to Ieosus Christ! Everything. In Jesus name.

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Walk your own path in life, do what feels right for you, it is your journey. You were not put on this earth for other peoples approval.