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Pastelón (Sweet Plaintain “Lasagna”)

Pastelon- in other words a puertorican lasagna....made this and the flavor of the meat was sooooo good! The only thing was that my bananas werent as sweet or soft as they should have been so they were still a little hard but now i know for next time so it will be better!


Pernil Style Turkey – Delicious!

So, I love Puerto Rican style cooking, and started with a recipe and have modified it over time and figured out a few things that make it a little better... PERNIL STYLE TURKEY RECIPE Start with yo...

Pan de Mallorca / Mallorcan Sweet Rolls

Pan de Mallorca / Mallorcan sweet rolls these are good I would add more sugar to it and a good bit of vanilla I didn't have a vanilla bean so I used extract these are really good considering I'm am very bad at making bread so these are super easy to make