Meteor shower over Pikes Peak, Colorado

Meteor shower over Pikes Peak, Colorado I know it isn't a sun or moon.but it is an incredible photo and I live 50 miles from Pikes Peak. Have never seen a photo like this before.

Bison in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States, lots and lots of buffalo in northeast section

✮ Beautiful colors of Autumn..

Red Leaves on Tree at Sunset. My favorite season and one of my favorite times of the day - very calming.

Cardinal in the winter #cardinals #winter #birds

Have to name him Cam, after my youngest son that loved Redbirds & the color red. Beautiful male Cardinal on a winter branch.

Winter Brown

I like this picture of the horse looking out of the barn door on a snowy day. A creative and eye-catching image.


Photograph 'together is beautiful' by mauro maione on - blue butterflies on blue flowers (hva)


Bluebird on her blue-egg nest. The bluebirds are a group of medium-sized, mostly insectivorous or omnivorous birds in the genus Sialia of the thrush family (Turdidae). Bluebirds are one of the few thrush genera in the Americas.

Nap time

❤️️Mother and Baby Ducks ~ Duck Keeping watch over her sleeping Ducklings


A white stork pair places branches in the nest in anticipation of the clutch to arrive at the end of May. Photograph - Fortifying the nest. By Igor Shpilenok on

Beautiful eagle with his catch of the day! Love the reflections in the water. <pin by Barbara Doubek>

The perfect and breathtaking photo of the Reflection of a American Bald Eagle soaring over a lake. Just Amazing!