Vera Wright

Vera Wright

Norwalk, CT / ++++++ i'm a Architecture explorer :) ++++++ All appears to change when we change.
Vera Wright
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Many visitors who come to Washington, DC barely scrape the surface of all the city has to offer. They stick with the well-worn path along Pennsylvania Avenue, eating at chain restaurants and museum.

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The collection of medical museum, Musée Dupuytren, at Faculte de Medecine in Paris is full of thousands of anatomical curiosities, including wax models, creepy alcohol-preserved specimens (many of .


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Underground bunkers are among the world& most fascinating structures. They& designed to protect people from the worst effects of atomic warfare and global annihilation. Here is an incredible look inside some of the most secure locations on the planet.


Library warning: "You are about to enter a library. This is one of the most dangerous places you will ever visit. Prepare to question, think, and challenge. Enjoy your visit.


I love my lemon oil! One of the most economical oils, it’s also very potent and provides some amazing health-supporting benefits.