the trash pile (there is sexual content on this one so dont report me plz just stay away if u dont like it i get reported way too often istg)

johns totally a homosexual i dont care what he says hes tots gay 100% oh and speaking of im just warnin you there is johnkat porn here yknow that comic "Flush" yea that one soooooooo YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED and one last thing i think there might be some stridercest here from that short phase i had where i liked that and i want you all to know that i do not like that anymore its incest its bad so yeah. if this were tumblr i wouldve just tagged them with a //incest and you could block it if you dont wanna see it but this is pinterest so im just gonna warn you here instead. anyways enjoy
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This is a thing that will be happening from now on.

PART 57 (guess who's gonna cosplay to class tomorrow)

Any homestuck fans here? I thing I'm going to make a homestuck Rp board and I need some kids and trolls to come! You can make up your own kid or troll!


Homestuck Karkat Vantas and Gamzee Makara Karkat pap pap shoosh-ing Gamzee <> Morails! This is one of my favorite moments.

diamonds droog - Google Search

ahh i found some more droog and aradia, i drew this a month ago or something lsdkfölsds homestuck (c) andrew hussie Atta girl.

Images about #tickettroll tag on instagram

Images about #tickettroll tag on instagram