Keep calm and think of the beach.

Keep Calm and Think of the Beach Poster - AQUA

thinking of the beach does not make me calm, it makes me incredibly EXCITED! Calm doesn't even enter into it until I'm actually AT the beach.

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Keep calm & wear gorgeous lingerie. Yes!

The Official Lingerie Addict Motto

The official Lingerie Addict motto? Keep calm and wear gorgeous lingerie!


Regalos Mujer MC: nuestra wishlist - Toalla

Chanel beach bag and towel

I always do!

my life motto(:

breast cancer | Tumblr

Breast Cancer Crusade - Keep Calm & Fight On Poster. ENERGY® sponsored this poster in support of the Breast Cancer Crusade.

Keep Calm and ...

Keep Calm and . reminds me of Ed Sheeran's song 'Kiss Me'

♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪

I wish.I wish . I wish!


Keep Calm & Classy!


Keep Calm & Classy!


Xo Kisses on the cheek & hugss Xo

Sometimes a fun outfit can make you feel better. the clothes we're wearing can affect how we feel, how we act, our mood. They can be enough to make you feel better and cheer you up if you're feelin' down.

¡Hoy mojo! | by Mr. Wonderful*

Hoy mojo / By Mr.


Love these keep calm posters. and I love to buy shoes. a little retail therapy never hurt anyone ;

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L is for laughing. teaching children the importance of laughing, happiness, and not taking things too seriously. "what makes you laugh?" "what makes you happy?" letter L week

Pink Butter Biscuits recipe - Alexandra Nea

Pink Butter Biscuits from alexandranea