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Alaaddin's Magic Lamp

Leonid Tishkov travels the world with his own personal moon and photographs it on his travels.

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Nimbus by Berndnaut Smilde

Kootjes weblog: Moment

Mike Kelley


Ph. Anja Niemi

days like lost dogs

Constellation with Red Knife by Calder by riomaro, via Flickr

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Chewing in Venice: giant bubble-gum sculptures by Simone Decker

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:: Brett Fletcher

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Coffee cup in Bristol.

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Giant bubble.gum Simone Decke

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Lego Street Art

ART INSOLITE: Troisième - L'Atelier du Saphir

Anatomic Particulars by David Adey

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Pixel Art Sink

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Costume - technique example Together/ Masks/ Play/ Theatre/ Design/ Sculpture

Making faces @ WDKA Illustration | The Arts Board of Cardboard

Naoko Ito, detail of Ubiquitous, 2009.

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obsessive artistic patterns - Google Search


Born in Tokyo. Using stones and bricks with history and culture of the land, he creats the sculpture of the stones put in polished glasses. Coming and going from Japan to Dusseldorf, he is actively engaged in creating. Living in Dusseldorf. 1969 born in Tokyo, 1997 MFA in Sculpture, Tama Art University, 1999 Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf, 2003 Meisterschueler of Professor Daniel Buren. Artist’s name changed from “Ramon Todo” to “TODO"

Little Paper Planes | Ramon Todo

Flesh-Covered Furniture Sculptures - Jessica Harrison Covers Household Objects with Human Flesh (GALLERY)

Flesh-Covered Furniture Sculptures



Il LabStore

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Hangers to Room Divider | 26 Ordinary Objects Repurposed Into Extraordinary Furniture

26 Ordinary Objects Repurposed Into Extraordinary Furniture

Eleanor Davies, 2013

Now That’s a Pompom! – Blue's Blog – Blue Sky Alpacas