DIY wrapping paper with pictures

Postcards on Brown Paper Wrap. Going green this Christmas! I'm going to recycle my old Christmas cards and brown paper bags.

natural gift wrap - Christmas wrapping ideas, kraft paper, string and eucalyptus 3 simple ways to wrap a Christmas present - Hege in France - Nordic style gift wrap

How to Make a Gorgeous Holiday Wreath (and an Austin Workshop

I’ve always loved the idea of hosting a wreath making party leading up to the holidays… gathering a group of friends to craft something pretty to decorate their homes, combined .read more

A Daily Something | Simple DIY for Dried Orange Garland

Dried citrus garland with orange slices and twine makes a beautiful natural alternative to holiday decorating

easy cake decoration

Christmas Cake with rosemary tree & sugared cranberries--Cake by Sweet Frostings, Spokane, for Farm Chicks

DIY Christmas trees for any space

Alternative Christmas tree ideas for small spaces and tiny apartments. Learn how to make an alternative Christmas tree for a small apartment or home.

Christmas Decor Made Easy

Learn some Christmas decor made easy DIY tutorials. Make some minimalist grapevine wreaths and a beautiful holiday garland backdrop for the holiday season.