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Urban Sketchers: Classical Dance from Bangalore, India

Urban sketchers show the world, one drawing at a time.

'The Bicycles of Bhavnagar' sketch by Ankur Z. Zalawadia India. Bhavnagar is a coastal city in the state of Gujarat in India. The city has an old part (built before India gained independence in 1947) and a new part. In the old city you can find a sketch to draw in every corner. 'Велосипеды Бхавнагара' скетч Анкура Залавадия Индия. Бхавнагар - прибрежный город в штате Гуджарат в Индии. У города есть старая часть (построена до обретения Индией независимости в 1947 году) и новая современная…

This is a typical narrow street in the city. I tried to catch the atmosphere here: narrow street, vivid colors of the walls, hanging saris. Wherever you start looking at the sketch your eyes will end on that red gent's bicycle.

Betype - Typography & Lettering Inspiration

betype: Lettering 2 by Jorge Lawerta this poster is an example of modern speech, an archetype of it, put into a colloquial piece of art