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135 Eye Make Up Tutorials From Around The World

I just love the simple elegance of the detail of this eye makeup--Simple Gold Eye Makeup tutorial. Here is a broken down eye makeup tutorial. I is so beautiful and fun to wear. What a great method to get a lovely eye makeup!


green eye shadow smokey cat eye liner liquid use any color step by step images wingtip

Smokey eye with gold eyeshadow.

White, Black and Gold Wedding Make up. smokey eye with gold eye shadow--not sure I'm tan enough to pull this off.

Cotton candy eyes ♥

Bright creative neon blue, purple, pink, white eye shadow makeup, white winged eye liner - makeup by April

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Classical look

Dramatic dark cut crease eye look with tones of browns and blacks. Combined with a thick black gel liner is great for a party time look.

Fantasy Eyes

This fantasy eye look will make you the center of attention. Lots of black eyeliner and eyeshadow that is really dramatic and defined into the crease. Using shades of coral, white and purple.

This beautifully created gradient effect eye, looks great on an evening out. Use white eyeshadow on the base and darken on the outer corners, lining the eye with a black gel liner.

Smokey Black This is what I have in mind. Dark from the pupil out. Light in the corner to outer edge of eye Lots of lash volume.

Likes | Tumblr

Brittany Couture: Eyeshadow Tutorial: I know I have a ton of the Blue/Green Eye Shadow Looks but I Just Can't Get Enough!

leopard eye make-up

Give me leopard print everything, please

Pink haze eyeshadow

ES: MAC trax sketchSunset Sleek palette (soft reddish color)Deborah - Trio Hi-Tech Eye Shadow - Truly Diva 2 (light pink color). EL: Rimmel black eyes-looks-i-like

Nightmare Before Christmas... Wow... This took time and talent.

20 Spring Finds at Etsy!

Nightmare Before Christmas eyes. Katie Alves is inspired by movie scenes to create super detailed face art. She's super talented.