Wicked Wish

My night began like many others—chasing down ancient Sumerian demons in a museum. But when an evil djinn abducts my best friend, I have to abandon my life in…
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That Misty morning and the Bean, Chicago - 22Jan2018

Magic Side, Chicago

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Ian Somerhalder as Caleb.
Сергей Веденьё. "Случайные мысли".
Ian Somerhalder photo 305 of 336 pics, wallpaper - photo #951020 - ThePlace2

Damian Malek Inspiration

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Do you want to know what magical creature you are? Take the test and you find out!
Nevaeh cross inspiration

Nevaeh Cross Inspiration

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a woman with purple hair sitting on top of a book cover
Wicked Wish
Book One of the Storm Series! An action-packed urban fantasy, Wicked Wish features a rebel heroine, a dark angel hero, and slow burn romance. Prepare yourself for edge-of-your-seat adventure amongst ancient ruins and fantastical worlds.
there are many flying objects in the sky above some rocks and clouds, as if they were floating on land
JCC - [Image heavy]A thread for art: See note on page 776
JCC - [Image heavy]A thread for art: See note on page 776 | Page 77 | Jedi Council Forums
spirit in magical lamp Dreams, Inspiration, Night, Lamp, Black Backgrounds, Phone Wallpaper, Fairytale, Ilustrasi, Resim
spirit in magical lamp
an image of a castle in the middle of a field with lots of trees and bushes
The maze
Inspiration for the maze guarding the djinn's palace in the Realm of Air
an artistic painting of a waterfall with trees in the foreground and clouds in the background
Air palace
Inspiration for the djinn's palace in the Realm of Air
a gold colored bird figurine with a chain on it's neck and head
GSM DISTRIBUTION Brass Aladdin Genie Lamps Incense Burners
Wish there was a genie in there and I could have 3 wishes !!!! He'll I'd settle for just one !!!
an island floating in the air surrounded by clouds and sunbeams with a castle on top
Fairytopia by anxDesigns on DeviantArt
Fairytopia by anxDesigns.deviantart.com
a city in the sky with lots of clouds and buildings on top of it, surrounded by tall buildings
Wonders Tower Of Babylon Art Print by Te Hu
a boat floating on top of a body of water
These Magical Flying Ship Illustrations Will Be Your New Desktops
These Magical Flying Ship Illustrations Will Be Your New Desktops
the eye of a dragon with orange eyes
The Secret of the Forest - 13 - On the Edge of Darkness
#wattpad #fanfiction A shadow lies on Thranduil and his forest and only a power stronger than the darkness of old can save them. Grief and loss have turned him into a king with a heart of ice and if he is ever to find redemption, the chains of guilt and remorse holding him captive must be broken. But he is running out...
an island in the sky with clouds surrounding it and a castle on top that is surrounded by buildings
New fantasy art city floating island ideas
New fantasy art city floating island ideas #art
an island floating in the sky with a dragon flying over it
Flying City by ArtAndJoy on DeviantArt
Flying City by ArtAndJoy on DeviantArt
a person standing in front of a purple and blue vortex with bats flying around it
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(1) Pin di Jess Hollingsworth su Dragonhall Inspiration | Pinterest
a woman holding a dragon in the water with her arm wrapped around it's body
40+ Amazing Pieces of Dragon Art and Cosplay
HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones starts this weekend, and we're seeing dragons everywhere. Dragons perched over cities! Dragons on electric guitars! People and their pets dressed as dragons! Dragons are the universal signifier of awesomeness.