Light as feather! The egyptians believed that in order to get to their ideal aferlife your heart had to be light as feather when weighed against the weight of your deeds.Feathers are near Angels appear!

STRIZHI_RU | Strizhi Team info | Angel in the sky of Kubinka AFB


Angel in the sky - between paraidolia and photoshopmania we don't dare to assume that some thing just happen randomly

This is a sylph erasing a chemtrail...

- Looks like another Mighty Angel of God has been Dispatched to Help another little human sweetheart who is under fire from the enemy. God will Save us and Preserve us from All evil.

The Angel of love will fill your heart and you will have all you need in time to come.  ^i^ ▪♡▪ ^i^

The Angels are with us.driving over a bridge after a rain storm and there was a beautiful double rainbow over the son replies," A rainbow is a straight way to heaven.

Angel Cloud .. If you really look you can see an angels will appear almost anywhere.  When I came home from a bout with death, I saw an angel in the corner of my bedroom.  I knew I would be OK.

ANGEL CLOUD FORMATION~~For the director of music. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Aurora Borealis image of an angel.

A shimmering aurora angel among the northern lights really hope to see you there Danique! I love you and miss my beautiful niece! I'm sure uncle Alex is remembering and thinking of you.


angel cloud photo taken over West Palm Beach Florida. Looks more angel than cloud to me!

I heard "look up" and I saw this magnificent angel in the sky. What do you see?

I heard "look up" and I saw this magnificent angel in the sky. What do you see?