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ANDY WOLF - 5028 col. d - CANDY CAN - Glasses - Shades

So true. Our society spends so much time rallying women against each other by feeding on our insecurities. I want us all to feel powerful, strong, and capable in this life.

I like this. Women often feel the need to compete. Competition should motivate you but analyze your reason to ensure a good purpose. Make it positive. For competing for the mere fact of competing is useless.

Go to the people and places that set a spark in your soul. Great quote, really need to keep this in mind.

always said friends are just family you get to pick for yourself... funny this quote is written by a man sharing my dad's name.... and it is so true.

there is no reason to be jealous over someone else. everyone was born with a unique set of traits and qualities. let them shine with what they have, and you shine with what you have. don't bring others down. its not worth your time, and it just shows the type of person you are when you try to hurt someone else.

A variety of periods and styles brought together is a feature of eclectic style design. You see many contrasting colours and contrasting periods - from oriental, neo-classical, victorian, country and modern.

Lauren's Bright & Bold Chicago Apartment---one if my all time favorite house tours. I love this one, in so many ways!

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I'll take a six pack and a sweet smile, to go..........damn

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The gorgeous Angela Bassett - love this black and gold. One of my fitness inspirations. NAACP Image Awards 2015

Serena Williams (1981) - American professional tennis player who is currently ranked No. 1 in women's singles tennis. Photo © Paola Kudacki for Time

Voedingscoach i.o. Saffira Trustfull | Blog over een gezonde levensstijl.

My inspiration... Ms. Tanji Johnson IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor AKA the Energizer Bunny! <3