Veronika Czapek

Veronika Czapek

Veronika Czapek
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Vrboska on the island of Hvar, Croatia

Vrboska on the island of Hvar, Croatia.They were at war when I was in Europe; So sad to have missed such a beautiful place.

DIY Weave Decorative Knot

Yellow would look like a water polo ball! Cute for a volleyball coach or an end of the season gift to team mates (I know it's a monkeys fist knot or whatever it's called but it looks like a volleyball)

para ler na cama...

An elephant iPod pillow. Oh, I do appreciate the beauty and simplicity of this idea. The general design might make a good cook book stand or even a picture holder or plate stand. Will have to experiment with this!

Fabric Basket PDF Sewing Pattern.

Fabric basket sewing pattern and instructions in PDF file e-mailed to you. Great for holding knitting yarns, groceries, laundry, and more.