Veronika Gocová

Veronika Gocová

Veronika Gocová
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Iker Ortíz | baguette diamond ring

Iker Ortíz, a tension-set baguette diamond ring.

Ringe - Dahlia 18ct yellow gold ring - ein Designerstück von dkjewellery bei DaWanda

Engagement Rings – Dahlia yellow gold ring – a unique product by dkjewellery on DaWanda Supernatural S

Sultan Ragbet 2008

Sultan Ragbet 2008 reminds of pieces I made with gelly bracelets in the

heart imprint maybe for a wedding ring.. @Amber Pruitt cute ideaaaa. write this down for my wedding LOL :)

There are 10 tips to buy these jewels: clothes ring couples rings minimalist jewelry hair accessory silver ring ring heart imprint cute metal silver inscription inside engraved rings imprint ring silver ring.

Stephanie Voegele : Skin Adornment

second skin // “[Skin] lacks definite boundaries, flowing continuously from the exposed surfaces of the body to its internal cavities.” ~ Ellen Lupton by sthepanie voegele pealling - pearl adornment: silicone rubber and pigment.

FLIN Modern Jewelry from Bali by Vulantri - Design Milk

Fashionable Fisherman Accessories - FLIN's Jewelry Collection Features Fishing Line Necklaces (GALLERY)