Sisters tattoos

Black & White Line Drawing Folk Art-Style Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls Sisters Forearms Tattoos --- This could also be done for a mother and her two daughters, which would be a perfect fit (ha ha ha) for my Polish family!

arrow tattoo

Arrow tattoos are a great way to show your strength. There are a lot of different arrow tattoos that have a different meaning. A single arrow is used to


A herd of tiny birds tattoo - tiny bird tattoo Justin Bieber's bird tattoo - tiny bird tattoo tiny bird tattoos.

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec, Cat Tattoo

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Color cat tattoo by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec - not sure I like this - but there is something about the style that is so different from usual tatoos that it's an insiration


Line tattoo is so simple that no need any word to image, right? Arm Line Tattoos for Men Arm Colorful Line Tattoos for Girls 16 Simple Line Tattoo Ideas

fit and tattooed 2

love the tattoos, jury's out on the hair. gorgeous, but i still don't like the idea of a man's hair being that much more beautiful than my own


Matching anchor tattoos are a super cute way for a couple to show their devotion to one another, and some married couples even choose to get anchor tattoos

bear with crown and branches by tarmasz #foot #tattoos

Bear with a crown and twigs with text tattoo on the foot: "le roi d'un pays pluvieux" French. Roughly translates to "The King of a Rainy Country".


Black stitched heart tat You gotta love this unique wrist heart tattoo. Good thing she tucked that needle into her skin for safe keeping!

jordan kutchma by tom newton

handsomemales: jordan kutchma by tom newton ~Great Googly Moogly! I suddenly can't breath! That is by far the most fetching redheaded man I have ever laid eyes on!