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クラピア<1>芝生に代わる新しいグランドカバーの魅力! | クラピア大好き

クラピア<1>芝生に代わる新しいグランドカバーの魅力! | クラピア大好き

下灘駅 Shimonada Station

Shimonada station, Iyo, Ehime, Japan - Nice view of the sea!

ウネウネ北海道 もっと見る

long long up down road, Hokkaidou, Japan


The female high school student who runs through a sinking bridge by bicycle in japan.

Mount Fuji and green tea fields, Shizuoka, Japan

Mount Fuji and green tea fields, Shizuoka, Japan.


Lara green jacket from Gorsuch -- MERCEDES: I really like this blazer and the vest underneath in the contrast color. Sophisticated and not flashy. This (in whichever color you like best or the William & Sons blazer are my favorite blazers)

25 things to do in Japan - my personal favourites!

Two years in Japan meant I have a long, long list of stuff I recommend when people ask me what to do there. I came up with a very long list recently but I have whittled it down to 25 things to do in Japan.