More ideas from Joana
With so many instances of strong movement and visually striking colors, it might be easy to overlook some of the more "uninspired-looking" app icons- such as the ringed planet. the subject of your app should contrast or at the very least be distinct-enough to be easily read from a distance.

I really like the top half of the designs (though they're perhaps a little too detailed), but not so much the bottom half. I seem to have a thing for vivid autumn colors.

Gifts for Men | Vince Leather & Shearling Lined Coat |

Gifts for the Well-Dressed Man: Find the latest in men's fashion, from microcheck shirts, knit bombers to the modern flannel shirt.

70sscifiart: Syd Mead

(Mead S. In this depiction of the future Syd Mead shows a very clean environment with very modern day clothing to put emphasis the environment and to show relatability. The dash of culture with the clean asthetics push the futuristic vision.

This New Resort Spa Is Covered In Hanging Gardens

Pure Spa, Naman Retreat, Vietnam - MIA Design Studio Spectacular - check out the plans as well, really beautiful internal courtyard and transition spaces.

State Emergency Service Drones (UGV) - some cool concepts here: adjustable height, multi-level run-flat tires, brush guards, sensor array, structural detailing, storage... well thought out.

State Emergency Service Drones (UGV) - some cool concepts here: adjustable…