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The vesna or vesnas were mythological female characters associated with youth and springtime in early Slavic mythology, particularly within Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Along with her male companion Vesnik, she was associated with rituals conducted in rural areas during springtime.


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"Vesna is the old Slavic goddess of Spring and awakening. Her name means messenger. She was a protector of Her people, especially the women. She returns from the Underworld at the Vernal Equinox, bringing Springtime along with Her."


An Inner Journey: The Moon, Mythology, and You: Vesna

Statue of Svetovid-The supreme four-headed god of light and abundance Old Slavic's mythology


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Vesna, Весна, Wiosna - Slavic goddess of spring. She is manifestation of spring and joy of new life. In some Slavic languages spring = vesna


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Lada, Slavic Goddess of the Spring, is associated with love and fertility in both humans and animals. She is said to return from the underworld every year at the Vernal Equinox, bringing the spring with her.


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Vesna ~ Symbols. White, yellow and red seem to be the colors associated with the sun held in high esteem by all Indo-Europeans. Note the cock as a solar symbol. The centrally placed spring goddess Vesna suggests eternal revival. The foreground is occupied by imposing idols.