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The most iconic pictures of drivers and racing cars sponsored by Heuer.
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a man sitting in a racing car with a helmet on his head and other people standing around
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Swiss #F1 driver Jo #Siffert
a red race car driving down a track with the number 855 on it's side
#Heuer sticker on the #Ferrari 312PB
two men standing next to a red race car with the number fifteen on it's side
#Heuer sticker placed on the nose of the #Ferrari 312P
black and white photograph of children in an old race car
A big #Heuer sticker on Jo Siffert's racing car
a man driving a red race car down a track
#Heuer sticker on Villeneuve's #Ferrari #F1
a man with a moustache on his face wearing a red and white uniform
Clay #Regazzoni with the #Heuer patch on his racing suit
a man in an astronaut suit adjusting his tie
Steve #McQueen wearing the #Heuer Monaco (from "Le Mans" movie)
an older man standing in front of a red race car with the number 50 on it
Jack #Heuer near a racing car sponsored by his brand
a group of people standing in front of a red and white building next to a road
#Heuer advertising on #Ferrari test circuit of Fiorano
a man in a blue jacket and red hat with his hands on his hips while wearing a baseball cap
Niki Lauda wearing his 18kt #Heuer Carrera
a man sitting in a red chair wearing a blue racing suit and holding his hand on his wrist
Clay Regazzoni wearing his #Heuer Silverstone