Top Five Themes for your Big Fat Indian Wedding

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Retro Chic Theme So who said you can’t go frugal on your wedding? Retro Chic is a theme that helps you cut down on plush but sometimes unnecessary papraphernalia and yet have things done to keep the humor and the tenor of the event alive.

Top Five Themes for your Big Fat Indian Wedding: The Earthy Indian Theme Big Fat Indian Wedding, Indian Weddings, Indian Theme, My Forever, Earthy, Bohemian, Wedding Photography, Couples, Terracotta

The Earthy Indian Theme If you truly want to watch the expense, opt for an outdoor wedding. Décor comes for free and all you need to do is highlight the landscaping to bring on the foliage and the greenery alive in its shapes and hues. A well tried formula where greens replace expensive flowers and the terracotta earth lends it the passionate hues of an earthy Indian tone.

Top Five Themes for your Big Fat Indian Wedding: Royal Riwaaz Big Fat Indian Wedding, Indian Bridal, Indian Weddings, Horse Wedding, Top Five, Casual Wedding, Hawaii Wedding, Bridal Jewelry, Latest Trends

Royal Riwaaz Here’s another! Look at the dramatic effect the orange and gold embellishments are doing to the ambience. This can be nothing short of Royal Riwaaz -That’s the one for you in case you have dollops of money and want each guest to go home feeling they’ve been to a palace wedding.

Top Five Themes for your Big Fat Indian Wedding: Moroccan Theme Wedding Notes, Wedding Blog, Wedding Events, Wedding Ideas, Wedding Stage, Wedding Cards, Wedding Colors, Destination Wedding, Wedding Invitations

Truly an Arabian Nights affair. Colorful tents, bright jewel, colored drapes, the lanterns and candles gleaming all around, will transport you to the exotic deserts of Morocco.

Top Five Themes for your Big Fat Indian Wedding: Sohni Mahiwal Theme Eid Dresses, Pakistani Dresses, Indian Dresses, Occasion Dresses, Indian Outfits, Chiffon Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Eid Outfits, Other Outfits

Love Story Theme Evoke the romance of your relationship. Do Heer Ranjha or Sohni Mahiwal ring a bell? Well if it’s wedding bells for you my lovelies, go for the most unforgettable love story theme. Create a perfect little Punjabi Village or the drama of Shakespearean setting to extol the Romeo and Juliet theme.