Have a Party in Vegas

Spend a Birthday in Vegas. Although this is not something I would want to do today (Vegas has really gone downhill), I spent my Birthday in Vegas with my Mom and my childhood friend Amber.

bucket list: hug a penguin...I need to share this one with my sister -- quote from my lovely sister. this is deff one to share with the one who knows me best, thanks Pauli <3

bucket list: hug a penguin. That would make my life! I love penguins like none other

watch the ball drop in times square

Watch the ball drop in Times Square. (Can't say I want to be in that crowd in Times Square, but I'd love to be somewhere close enough to watch in person.

bucket list

Its one thing to kiss under water, its another totally different obstacle to get a picture of it!

Bucket list

i've had cotton since i bought him from the pet shop. i think it kinda counts as the same thing. but i've never had a dog its entire life. i've had a cat for its entire life. but cats are different.

Bucket list

Years from now, when I'm checking off all the stuff I've done on my bucket list, I'll probably have to make a box for "half way done"

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Patty's Cupcakes There is a video tutorial on how to make these adorable hats and shamrocks :D