Vivie Andriany Pardede

Vivie Andriany Pardede

Indonesia / Public Health of University North Sumatera
Vivie Andriany Pardede
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This quote feels like the embodiment of the attitude behind the Charlie Chaplin song ("Smile").

Until It's Gone ~ Lang Leav

But what about the ones who do know? The ones who never took a damn thing for granted? Who tried their hardest to hold on, yet could only look on helplessly as they lost the things they loved the most? Isn't it so much worse for them?

Never in a million years ...

if something is destined for you, never in a million years will it be for someone else // destiny // quote

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I remember the first person who told me I dodged a bullet when you left.  She winked, hugged me, and she just knew.  And then I knew, I'd be ok too.

Liars, cheaters, and woman beaters. A smart woman will not accept these type of men.

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