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a woman wearing a knitted hat and scarf with the words salon hat on it
Slalom Hat
Designs by Diligence: Slalom Hat
a crocheted piece of blue yarn on a white surface with the word'o'written across it
Cross Cable Headband Knitting Pattern : Devotion : Brome Fields
DEVOTION Headband Knitting Pattern + Cross Cable Knit Stitch VIDEO tutorial : Brome Fields
a woman wearing a gray knitted headband with black hair clips on her head
Bobble Cable Headband Knitting Pattern : Enamorous : Brome Fields
Headband Knitting Pattern : Bobble Cable Knit Stitch : ENAMOROUS by Brome Fields
a woman wearing a gray knitted headband
Chevron Headband Knitting Pattern : Reminisce : Brome Fields
REMINISCE Chevron Headband Knitting Pattern
a woman wearing a white knitted headband
Cable Headband Knitting Pattern : Legacy : Brome Fields
Legacy Headband Knitting Pattern by Brome Fields
a woman wearing a crochet headband in front of a snow covered background
Cable Headband Knitting Pattern : Merriment : Brome Fields
Merriment Headband Knitting Pattern
Messenger Crop Tops, Clothes, Cardigans For Women, Sweater, Jumper, Sweaters For Women, Knitwear Women, Knitwear
a woman is holding up some yarn in front of her face and thought bubble above it that says measure from the middle of the needle to the middle of the skein, then
Measure Yarn Length: For Spinners and Knitters | A Foolish Spin on Life
How to measure yarn length - Spinzilla Math
a pile of crocheted fabric sitting on top of each other
Pattern Spotlight: Socks by the Numbers
Knitting Socks by the Numbers tutorial
the text, my jewel thief knits shoe size chart for knitting socks
Shoe Size Charts for Knitting Socks
MyJewelThief Knits: Shoe Size Charts for Knitting Socks
an info sheet showing the number and type of appliance available for plan yams
Yardage Calculator: Determine Yardage from Unlabeled Skeins
Handy dandy card that works as a rough yardage calculator of how many yards are in a pound in any give gauge of yarn.
three white straws sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with writing on them
Blocking wires
Blocking wires | Fiber Dreams