what girl doesn't want this to be her groom's reaction? Photo!!

Advice On Your First Kiss As Husband & Wife

Seriously, how cute!

Newborn Baby Girl Hat Chunky Pink Cream Ivory Off White Beige Brown Crochet Knit Infant Double Pom Pom Beanie Photography Prop

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"I have a stick. It is my stick. And it's the best stick in the whole wide world." What a precious puppy!

Nobody move! I dropped my nut.

Get stupid like a squirrel. Get stupid like a squirrel. I don't know where I left my nut. Oh yeah, Get stupid like a squirrel. I don't know where I left my nut. (Sylvie's song about squirrels).


So precious. 30 Beautiful and Adorable Photos Of Cute Babies. Will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

it's so FLUFFY!

"Look at that fluffy unicorn. he's so fluffy I'm gonna die! "It's so FLUFFY!" Haha, I LOVE Despicable Me =)

so sweet lol

Cute animal picture of a cat and a puppy hugging. I'm gonna kill whoever said you were adopted.

Teal Cord Tiny Toms

Black Coated Canvas Women's Avalon Slip-Ons

Teal Cord Tiny Toms- I can't wait to put come baby toms on his feet!