ceiling fan

ceiling fans in the south! I can attest For this I have a chandelier in my room and we have a floor fan

What my mom used to say when we were being silly or exemplifying questionable behavior.

Y'all act like you got some sense.ha ha ha, heard this a few times growing up.

Southern Christmas spirit~

Yep, I've got my old truck. It Needs a Snowman Driver!


You know that metal/plastic thingamajig with wheels that you put your stuff in at the store? We call it a Buggy. what do you call it buggy or shopping cart?

Sweet Southern Charm Wall Art via Etsy.

Southern Sayings: 8 x 10 Hold Your Horses Print - Sweet Southern Charm Wall Art via Etsy

Southern Girl:)

Southern girls do it better!

Only in the south do we understand how long "be back directly" means! :)

That's dreckly in southern time.


southernisms southern sayings

I thought everybody ate this New Year meal...

Why Southerners eat black-eyed peas & greens on New Year's Day ~ from Deep South Dish ~ love this tradition!

Southern saying

Things I heard growing up

Fried bologna (you know it's true)

Fried bologna sandwich - Yum *this might sound weird but its SO good. I use the thicker Oscar Meyer bologna, fry it up and put it on a sandwich consisting of toasted bread, mayo, and pickle slices!

life in the Southern states is a culture different than any other in America...

People claiming life in the Southern states is a culture different than any other in America, is bull. Up north we do the same damn thing. It's not called being 'southern' it's called being raised right & having morals and family values.


This always gets a strange look from a Yankee or just anybody who doesn't know hear true Southern talk often!

so cute!

for my southern bug :)

dixieland delight :-)

dixieland, so homesick.


Well someone tell me ive been looking for years and im from the south lol Yonder can be a big place