Vicki Wilkerson

Vicki Wilkerson

Chraleston, South Carolina  ·  Author of Southern fiction...
Vicki Wilkerson
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The swamp at Magnolia Plantation is breathtaking!

This is one of the bridges at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I visited for some research for a book and a picnic.

My cover for Swamps and Soirees!

Vicki Wilkerson is an Southern author and writes books about the South.

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Swamps and Soirees arrives!

Sweet Tea

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Spanish moss makes me moody...

Spanish moss makes me moody.


Mama loves to make lima beans and rice, a favorite comfort food.

A recipe for Butter Beans cooked southern-style with salt pork. The beans are slow-simmered and create a creamy-like sauce without adding any cream or milk.

Some friendships, like Maama's and Miss Delrae's, last a lifetime.

Some friendships, like Maama's and Miss Delrae's, last a lifetime.