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a woman standing next to two horses on top of a lush green field with the words, the safest place to be is within the well of god
Frases, Quick
some pink flowers are in the middle of a field with purple and red flowers on it
a mickey mouse christmas scene with a tree and presents in front of the snow - covered background
three red hearts hanging from a tree branch
a purple background with hearts and a butterfly on it's back side, as well as stars in the sky
two red christmas balls hanging from ribbons and bows on a white background with candy canes in the foreground
a merry christmas card with two stars hanging from a branch
a christmas wreath with lights around it and a snowman in the center surrounded by other holiday decorations
a wicker basket filled with cherries and sunflowers
an orange and yellow leaf with the words welcome to family me
the logo for halloween with roses and butterflies on it's back ground, in front of an ornate background
a pink flower on top of a film strip with the words god loved me so much that he send his only son, jesus christ, to die for my sin
a purple and green background with two black birds on it's side, one has a bow around its neck
a butterfly sitting on top of purple flowers
a pink rose with a butterfly on it and the words flowers & verses inspirational gifts and witnesses wear
pink daisies and butterflies in the sky with a quote from cyhannan
white and yellow daisies in the rain on a window sill with water droplets
several pink flowers with green leaves in the background
an easter card and eggs on a bed with the words easter greetings written below it
happy easter spelled out in the sand
a flower with the words sometimes in the middle of my mess
yellow flowers are blooming on the branches of trees in front of a blue sky