How to Make Curtains {DIY

How to Make Curtains {DIY} Great tutorial on how to make curtains! (Could come in VERY useful in the new house! Lots of windows needing coverings!

Tension tips - I've been looking for this all my life, I think :) - This will be so helpful!

When a “bird’s nest” of thread appears, the likely culprit is your upper thread tension. If loops appear on the underside of the fabric, the upper thread tension may be too loose. If knots appear on top of the fabric, the upper tension may be too tight.

Letting Out Pants

DIY Clothes DIY Refashion: DIY Take out your jeans waistband tutorialaka make your pants bigger! Maybe I could make some old jeans maternity jeans!

Aprons from jeans!!! Super chic right now!

Apron out of jeans. looks to be one piece using the whole leg split at the center front or center back. leg style or shape would play a part in the final shape of the apron. wide leg or flare jeans would make a fuller apron I imagine

how to sew patchwork blocks together so all the seams line up. Brilliant tutorial.

Postage-Stamp Scrap Fabric Patchwork Quilt tutorial has you iron squares to interfacing and then sew the seams. pictures are worth a thousand words!

Moldes Moda por Medida: RECICLAGEM DE CAMISA - 5


Re-Style Men's or oversized shirt into feminine ladies blouse. I have to try this!

How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine

Used this quick hem trick to turn 3 of Gaby's old pairs of pants into new shorts for the summer! No cut-offs here, they look like I just bought em :)

Arm Knitting Tutorial: How To Arm Knit a Blanket

arm knit a blanket in one hour homecrafts, crafts, Knit a beautiful chunky throw in any color to match your living room decor

Heart Shaped Oven Mitt Pattern

Heart Shaped Oven Mitt Pattern & Classic Oven Mitt

Heart Shaped Oven Mitt Pattern - I wanna make one of these for my mother-in-law…

How to make a blouse. Peasant Top From Men's Button Up Shirt - Step 1

Peasant Top From Men's Button Up Shirt

(make neck rounded, not off-shoulder) How to make a blouse. Peasant Top From Men's Button Up Shirt - Step 1

DIY Jean Lace Inserts: I'm not actually going to cut my jeans on purpose BUT if you already have a hole in them this would be super cute

Diy : Lace inset into jeans - A touch of lace on denim jeans is all it takes to create an original look. Lace inserts are a popular denim DIY. For this project, you will need an old pair of jeans, a piece of lace or fabric, some sand paper, matching