how to sew a needle book

How to Sew a Needle Book

I have been using the same needle books for years. They are felt, covered in cat fur, and really not working for me. :D I decided that now that I am ...

How to Finish Seams Beautifully WITHOUT a Serger!

How to Finish Seams Beautifully WITHOUT a Serger!

Now you need to go back to the sewing machine and stitch that seam in place. I usually complete the first seam on all of my lengthwise seams at o...

Perfectly Girly First Aid Kit!

Perfectly Girly First Aid Kit!

Here's the perfect First Aid Kit to throw in your purse! And it's cute too! I made for the car and one for the bag! You can give these as gifts too!

Fun Infant Car Seat Cover- with pockets and pacifier/toy holder

Fun Infant Car Seat Cover- With Pockets and Pacifier/toy Holder

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Muscle Relaxing Neck Warmer!

Muscle Relaxing Neck Warmer!

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A new twist on the old necktie!

A New Twist on the Old Necktie!

I love pinterest!!! But then again who doesn't? About a year and a half ago, pinterest served as my inspiration for my creative neckties. I was scrolling down the page ...

Recycled Bobbin Winder

Recycled Bobbin Winder

My Grandma wanted a dedicated bobbin winder. She liked the way one of her sewing machines wound them so I copied the setup it had. I made it with scraps I had lying around. Works pretty good.

Easy Roman blinds

Easy Roman Blinds

For our Roman blind we chose a red and white striped cotton fabric that cost per metre, and to make 4 blinds we needed metres, so do the maths and you’ll see that making your own Roman blinds can be done easily on a frugal budget.

How to make a fitted cloth diaper with snaps

How to Make a Fitted Cloth Diaper With Snaps

Top stitch the diaper a inch from the edge all around the diaper.You have now made a fitted cloth diaper! I hope the instructions were thorough and helpful!