Fox friends

Foxes: "These two are in such rapport, in front of the old barn door." (Written By: Lynn Chateau © )

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Say Cheese!

National Geographic Photographer of the Year: Mr. Tall Fox I always knew foxes were clever.

The Grey Fox by Jacki Just-Pienta

Gray Fox--the Native Fox of the U. The Red Fox Are Not Native. They Were Brought Here by the British For Hunting.

tucked in for the winter!

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An Indian Wild Dog, also known as a Dhole. During the winter, dholes grow a fluffier coat, which is brighter orange with white on the underside.

Red Fox and Kit

My screen name, guess that'd be my baby. ~~Alert Red Fox adult and kit by Impisi~~

fox art

Foxxy, my pet red fox. We pet him like a dog, but he is very sly and will hide our stuff from us. not mine but this was post!

Red Fox

I enioy this photo because well I absolutely adore foxes and I also can't deny the use of light that is used in this photo to create a certain mood. It is as if the fox has a very profound knowledge for something.