Ocho Agate (feather) / Brazil

"Ocho Agate: grounding stone that enhances mental functions and promotes intellectual, emotional, and physical balance" - yep of course. a ROCK that makes you a better person.

Cuprite on copper / Mineral Friends <3

A Crystal Paradise Cuprite on Copper - Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia

Bumble Bee in Amber

Bumble Bee in Amber ❦ CRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦ Kristall ❦ Minerals ❦ Cristales ❦

Natural Forms of Gold (Au)

I think the beauty of gold speaks for itself. I wish there were a lot more of it on Earth. --Pia (Natural crystal forms of Gold)

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst Geode -- I went hunting for geodes years ago; and while I found no amethysts, I did find many with clear quartz inside. These treasures were scattered everywhere, just begging to be discovered!

Ammonite in matrix, #fossil, #mineral

Fossil Gems Gemstones Cabochons- Thinking of making polymer clay imitation fossils for jewelry

silver strands - aspen, colorado / Mineral Friends <3

silver strands - aspen, colorado Organic aliveness captured in silver!

Agate / Brazil

Agate (slice) / Brazil This looks like a deep blue pool in a secret corner of…