Ice cube trays to hold and organize earrings and necklaces....genius

Ice Cube Tray Drawer Dividers What a great idea! You could even jazz up the ice trays if you choose.

Can we goooo!?!?! Water slide through Shark Tank in Vegas.

Water Slide Through Shark Aquarium - Golden Nugget, Las Vegas. Felt a bit sorry for the sharks in this tank, I have to say. One of them had a mark on its face from rubbing on the side of the tank

33 OCD cleaning tips - leave things better than you found them types of tips.

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You

33 OCD cleaning tips – leave things better than you found them types of tips…. So fantastic! 33 OCD cleaning tips – leave things better than you found them types…


I wouldn't ordinarily post the "keep calm" posters, but I love Vivien Leigh. And she has the ultimate bitch face.


One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder. * I say try harder. When I try harder I mess it up more maybe I should go into the army and just go away forever.

Double murphy bed for kids - wow, smart for grandparents' houses, extra beds in a playroom, or small spaces.

Double Murphy Bunk Bed by Casa Kids

Double Murphy Bunk Beds for kiddos kids bedroom fold-up & fold-out wood murphy bunkbeds wall mounted space savers! Childrens spaces areas, guest room, sleep over, loft, grandkids ideas

This should say, "A kiss on the forehead from Channing Tatum is one of the sweetest things in the world!" Just sayin'!

I Am Your Parent Wood Sign

I Am Your Parent Wood Sign.I tell Autumn "I am not your friend, I am your parent" all the time.

dog crate cover ... Cute!

Stylish Solution to Unsightly Pet Crates - I've made my own custom crate covers w/ matching pillows. My dog loves his.

country lyrics | love this song

"I want to wrap you up, want to kiss your lips, I want to make you feel wanted. I want to call yo mine, I want to hold your hand forever, and never let you forget it." - Hunter Hayes 'Wanted'

DIY canopy.. awesome idea.

How a Canopy Bed Can Make Your Bedroom Feel More Romantic

The best Vine videos of 2013 (so far) I am crying from laughing!

The best Vine videos of 2013 I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Best 11 minutes of your life!


Don't put the Key to your Happiness in Someone else's Pocket. Put the Key into your Pocket any enjoy your own Happiness First {

colour changing showerhead?? only $29

I want it! Color Changing Showerhead Rainbow LED Shower Head - this would be a good idea for kids who don't like to take showers!