Months of off and on sleep. Endless long nights of worry and stress. Just want some answers but I know in God's time, It will all work out. In His time and His way but in the mean time, He will provide the strength that I need to get us through it ALL!!!!!

Story of my life. I wish I could let people know how I actually feel, instead of faking it all the time. Think people underestimate IC & Fibro and how it makes me feel on daily basis

Bottle up everything

You Won't Believe What This 89-Year-Old Gymnast Can Do

You hate when people see you cry because you want to be that strong girl. At thr same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are. So true. So true. So true.

You just do it! ~Elizabeth Taylor There is no other way!! Repin & Like. Listen to Noelito Flow music. Thank You

You just do it! Love this Elizabeth Taylor ! A reminder that things will get better, even if it's tough, if you continue going on. Shared by Heartfelt Quotes

Childhood Cancer

I have felt the same way but that did not stop me and my son to fight for his life. Let us all support childhood cancer awareness.

Save the women! I hate it when people say that they lost the fight against breast cancer because they had to remove their breast. They didn't lose because they lost their breasts to breast cancer because you are more than a pair of breasts! You have a soul, mind and body, even though you lost a part or parts of your body.

17 Things No One Tells You About Breast Cancer

breast cancer awareness gets so much more publicity than any other type of cancer because it can be sexualized and other types can't.

Chemo ate my Eyebrows

Chemo ate my Eyebrows. It bloody well did, and never gave'em back, swine. Still I'm handy with an eyebrow pencil

This Is A Fantastic Resource For Women Facing Radiation Therapy! | The Breast Cancer Site Blog

This Video Is A Fantastic Resource For Women Facing Radiation Therapy

This Is A Fantastic Resource For Women Facing Radiation Therapy! I used this after every radiation treatment I lathered it on my skin never cracked!

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. At this point, my dear, I should be able to bench-press a Buick.

Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: Happy Birthday to the prettiest, funniest, sexiest, classiest bitch I know - other than myself, of course.

Always smile even when your broken!

All it takes it a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.