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I love Salvador Dali. When you hear his name you immediately think of his clocks. This would be a good project for high schoolers. You take old records and melt them into different shapes, then the students paint on the clocks with acrylic paint.

How to Make a Salvador Dali Clock: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Make a Salvador Dali Clock

Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study. This is awesome; this movie is so popular with kids, this bible study would be great for any parent trying to teach little ones.

Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study - Grassfed Mama

Cloud by day, fire by the glitter!

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Grassfed Mama Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study - Grassfed Mama

Teachable Moments: Frozen Bible Study - Grassfed Mama

The fiery furnace

Cross Craft - masking tape cross on white paper (preferably cardstock as it's thicker) . . use water colours to paint over the cross ten peal the masking tape away slowly.

A Simple Cross Craft for Easter

Trumpets for Jericho bible lesson

Life of Jesus map

Activities - Jesus' Healings - Teaching the Bible

Guard My Heart Craft Bible Craft for Sunday School Lesson for "Jesus Protects Me" on www.daniellesplac...

Bible Themes - Jesus Rescues Me

~Matthew 13 Jesus Parable Pearl of Great Price/Hidden treasure ~Hide God's word in your heart

Crayon Resist- Using Art for Teaching

Easy rooster craft for the story of Peter's denial of Jesus. #sundayschool #biblechurch

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Bible Fun For Kids

Interesting idea for teaching about the 10 plagues.

Passover ''Bag of Plagues'' - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

April's Homemaking: Parable of the Lost Coin Craft

April's Homemaking: Parable of the Lost Coin Craft

The Last Supper craft. Egg carton.

Holy Thursday / Last Supper Craft

John 13:15 Jesus washes the disciples feet. Glue feet in a paper bowl and glue napkin in bowl. Kids really liked it.

Have used this idea with a cardboard cloud...never thought of using a cup. Jesus' ascension.

The Tongue for lessons in Proverbs and the various passages that talk about the tongue.

The Tongue | Bible Songs And More

This would be good for a lesson on sin. First, Jesus took away our sin (the bleach makes the red coloring disappear). Next, Jesus changes our hearts and makes us not want to sin (our hearts are clean, clear water). Last, if we make a mistake and sin leaks in (at the end when the color swirls, doesn't mix in and then disappears), we remember that Jesus paid the price for us and that He promises to carry on His good work in us to completion.

Disappearing Color! | Best Activities for Kids

House on the Rock Bible Story.....did this one with my kiddos...,..they loved it!!!!!!!

Blessings for Bible School Teachers: Parables


Fruit of the Spirit Unit Bible Lesson for Kids

This is a simple Bible object lesson that includes an element of science. It can be used to illustrate how Christ makes us clean through salvation. If you’re brave you can even introduce the ...

"Making Pennies Clean" Bible Object Lesson for Kids

Bible Lesson 1.1- God Is Creator Good way to teach counting to younger kids...use as daycare class display for younger kids or just at home ..if u have moore than one child older child can make younger child can use to learn numbers and story of creation

Bible Lesson 1.1- God Is Creator

“The Holy Spirit Mystery” Bible Lesson for Kids: Egg analogy

Holy Spirit is a Mystery (Printable Kids Bible Lesson)