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I consider myself a Mom, but a doggy mom. Doesn't mean I love my 'child' any less. Most people, when they hear how I talk about my Washburne, ask 'how old is your son?' then look at me weird when I laugh and reply 'oh, my dog is only just over a year old'

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I was looking hopeless romantic as I always heard it used in the " oh that person falls in love with everyone " kind of way , and so I hear it from you sometimes and I'm like " I don't do that " lol ... I adore you though my love * kisses your chin *

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i wish this was true but its also kind of not. trailblazers have the daunting responsibility to keep leading people to new places, which means we have to navigate their opinions of us while still being fully ourselves. how do you do that? idk yet.

I jump to it so I can make someone happy when they tell me they are upset. I tell them that I am upset, They say one thing and change the subject. No one cares about me or my issues my heart hurts. My head hurts. I want to be happy.

I'm Saz, I'm 20 something. Be warned that I sometimes post images that are explicit, although I do try to keep it PG. My blog is not about sex, it's about love and most of all, passion. Enjoy the blog. Instagram - saz_ezat ---- Snapchat - sazezat