Look, it’s the real Thor…

Oh Josh!

Josh Hutcherson is crazy! He's so funny, especially when he interviews with Jennifer Lawrence! That's why he's awesome


OMG people quit comparing Twilight to everything! Twilight is a good read if you are bored but nothing else. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games have a much better plot and an actual meaning behind them.


Josh Hutcherson ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies) has never gone through an awkward stage. How does this make you feel?

It was a little difficult to read this since his beautiful face was distracting me, but I managed :)

"Never say you have no life. Be the best you can be and treat people with respect" -Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson - #quote

Why be normal? love this quote from Josh Hutcherson - There is a reason why I'm in love with this guy

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