Bought a cereal container from the Dollar Store, spray painted the lid and put some sticky wallpaper on the container itself... And there you have it, a great garbage can for the car!

Organizing with Carole: Nice looking garbage can for the car!

Budget Friendly Bathroom Organizing: Use Dollar Store Stackable Containers to Maximize Space & Minimize Cost #AlejandraTV

[VIDEO]: How to Organize Your Small Bathroom on a Budget

S-Hooks for Pants // 14 ways to Organize with S-Hooks //

14 ways to organize with s-hooks

brilliant way to reuse your coffee mate containers, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Simple Organizing: Repurposed Coffee Creamer Containers

How to clean out your candle jars. Theyre useful for storing small things!

How to Clean Out Your Candle Jars

Upright Freezer Organizing Ideas ~ Tips and ideas for organizing your upright freezer using a labeled bin system so it easy to find and keep track of foods! | Time With Thea

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Shower Pocket Organizer | Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

26 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know – Seriously Awesome!

Well, that's fairly ingenious! Keep spare change in an old gum container! I always need a quarter for the cart at Aldi, and occasionally need change for tolls.

11 Amazing Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized - The Krazy Coupon Lady

If you like to keep many vegetables and frozen fruits, use paper clips to create a second shelf in your freezer. | 7 Trucos rápidos para organizar que querrás probar ahora mismo

7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

Temporary Extension Cord Protection - If you're having a party or some other event in the yard and you need additional electricity sources, here's a great way to keep extension cord plugs dry. Cut notches in the opposite sides of a reusable plastic container and snap on the lid. Your plugs will stay dry if it happens to rain or the ground is moist.

Why Didn't I Think of That?

8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published

How to land a literary agent and get your book published -

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We get rid of a cavity in 3 months…It is so disappointing when you are healthy, and you go to the dentist to discover you have a CAVITY! And so…

Get Rid of a Cavity and {DIY} Toothpaste - Fostering Nutrition

I'm sharing my secret tips for getting good grades in college! By making these simple changes, I was able to raise my GPA and graduate with honors. These are college tips every student could use. Click to check them out!

My Secrets for Getting A’s in College (And How You Can Too)

Social Media Basics The Best and Worst Times to #Post Your Updates

Social Media Basics: The Best and Worst Times to Post Your Updates

Pursuing a degree in communications will allow you to take your career in a number of directions. Programs are designed to help students develop both

What Can You Do With A Communications Degree? |

Speechy Musings: Five fun speech pathology websites!

Five Fun Sites for SLP Graduate Students

.Use #Vcovers for #Bikini hair trim, cut, color, removal, #SprayTanning and any other #BikiniCosmeticProcedure. or Amazon

Here's How To Make Shaving Your Bikini Line Less Miserable

snesfun[dot]com for Nintendo on the PC

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Definitely gonna try this one at school!!!!!

21 People Who Are Too Good For This World

11 super simple money saving life hacks - seriously there is no excuse NOT to do some of these!

Money Saving Life Hacks

51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius #Backyard_DIY #Best_Garden_Decor #Garden_Design #Controlling_Pests_in_your_Garden

51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

DIY Solar Pool Heater - grab a dozen hula hoops, some polyethylene film and a soldering iron and harness the sun's energy instead of your home's electricity.

Green DIY: Using the sun and hula hoops to naturally heat your pool (video)

How We Keep Our Pool Water Clean Without Hiring A Service - pool care tips and tricks to save you money. #ad

How We Keep Our Pool Water Clean Without a Service - Mess for Less

Tip of the Day: Clean Your Pool Easily - Tip of the Day - Who Knew Tips - from the authors of the As Seen on TV books

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