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Manhattan Toy Modular Dollhouse | The Land of Nod

This Modular Dollhouse set offers an array of playtime possibilities. It features simple, colorful wooden rooms and accessories that will encourage hour after hour of imaginative play.

The Best Restorative Yoga Poses Breathe. Relieve stress and tension in your body. Restore your mind and nervous system with yin or restorative yoga.

6 Yin Yoga Poses to Open the Chest, Shoulders and Upper Back

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the meridians, they are the energetic pathways of our bodies. Chee (or energy) flows along these channels, and if they are blocked it can't move freely. We can open different meridians with yin yoga poses, the ones

A Yin Yoga sequence to invite ease and compassion, working the inner and outer lines of the body.

Yin Yoga Sequence: Ease and Compassion - Freeport Yoga Co-This month’s sequence is an invitation to slow down and welcome ease and compassion as we come off the hectic pace of the summer months. For athletes, now is typically the time for peak races and e

November is a time of transition. Here in New England, we witness the rapidly changing landscape as the trees shed their leaves, and the chill of wind moves through, drying the earth, the air and our bodies. As we move Read More

This month’s Yin Yoga Sequence is aptly titled “Low and Slow”, inviting an earthy, grounded energy, and physically, targeting the lower body.