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18th Century

This is a collection of images I am gathering for the Fall Play, The Madness of George III, to be performed at Bergen County Academies this fall.
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Vanity Fairfrom Vanity Fair

Lover’s Eyes: How Eye Miniatures Became the Mood Rings of the Late 1700s

Lover’s Eyes: How Eye Miniatures Became the Mood Rings of the Late 1700s | Vanity

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'Eye miniatures', where one eye of the sitter was painted, were all the rage from 1790 to 1810. Most were tiny and set as brooches. This one has tears made out of little diamonds.

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Loving ‘Lover’s Eyes’ and Loving Cereal

A “lover's eye” on a brooch surrounded by split pearls, from about 1790, to be shown at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Loving ‘Lover’s Eyes’ and Loving Cereal

Mens shoes 1690-1700 French, silk and leather Men's adornment was every bit imbued with the elegance, tactile variance, and ostentation that marked women's clothing of the era. The fashionable eighteenth–century man was expected to convey a certain grace, and was required to enjoy the fine arts, music, and dancing. The romantic curviture of these shoes encourages the voyeuristic eye, each arc paralleled by the sensuality of the male arch and calf.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Shoes

A pair of women's tie shoes, 1680-1690.

Shoe | Museum of London

French Peasant, 1771, British Museum, 1915,0313.91

French Peasant / 24 Caricatures by several ladies, gentlemen, artists, etc. (Vol.1)

Peasants during Restoration

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1765 Henry Robert Morland (British artist, 1716-1797) A Lady's Maid Soaping Linen

It's About Time: 1700s

Gold mounted porcelain triple snuff box, painted in the manner of Watteau; German; 1750.

40 Rearest Snuff Boxes ~ Blog of an Art Admirer


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Mother of Pearl Snuff Box, 1765

40 Rearest Snuff Boxes ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Double Snuff Box Germany, Dresden, circa 1750 Tools and Equipment; boxes

Double Snuff Box | LACMA Collections

Rectangular snuffbox with wavy sides 1740s Made by Jérémie Pauzié St Petersburg Gold, silver, cut diamonds, sapphires, quartz; chased, polished and pounced

The State Hermitage Museum: Exhibitions

Daniel GOVAERS (master in Paris in 1717) Snuff-box 1726-27 Paris

Decorative Arts | Louvre Museum | Paris

Cup with butterfly handle, 1750, manufacture de Vincennes (1745-1756), Paris, musée du Louvre

Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais - Search Result

Queen Charlotte's 1763 sedan chair. After his first visit to Satis House, Pip claims Miss Havisham was sitting in a sedan chair.

Sedan chair | Royal Collection Trust

The longest journey recorded in a sedan chair was made by Princess Amelia, youngest daughter of King George III, who in 1728 was carried by 8 chairmen working in reliefs from London to Bath, a distance of 172 kms (107 miles). This sedan chair door lock features the initials "V.F." and a set of crossed keys with the wording "PARIS" and the number "34".

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Robe à la francaise 1765

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Robe à la Française, 1740s : Women with coquettish airs were wearing robes à la française and robes à l'anglaise throughout the period between 1720 and 1780. The silhouette of the robe à la française, composed of a funnel-shaped bust feeding into wide rectangular skirts, allowed for expansive amounts of textiles with delicate decoration.

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This gown and matching stomacher are made of very fine silk. Because of its shine or lustre, the fabric was called a lustring or lutestring. The process of 'lustrating' involved stretching and moistening the textile. In a 1756 treatise, silk designers are advised that ornaments for lustring ‘must be open and airy’ so as not to obscure the glazed ground. - Museum of London - ID no:57.106/8

Dress Ensemble

Mantua, Court Dress - England ca. 1740-1745. Victoria & Albert Museum (via

Mantua, Court dress - England, 1740-45 - Victoria...

Portrait of Prince Vladimir Golitsyn Borisovtj by Alexander Roslin, 1762 (detail)

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A printed cotton `Indiennes' chintz purse, circa 1780, block printed and hand coloured in gold, edged in pale blue ribbon, containing a lavender pomander, 18cm, 3in high

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V and A Collectionsfrom V and A Collections


Mantua Court Gown, 1740 - 45, England. This is a magnificent example of English court dress of the mid-18th century. It would have been worn by a woman of aristocratic birth for court events involving the royal family. The style of this mantua was perfectly suited for maximum display of wealth and art; this example contains almost 10lb weight of silver thread worked in an elaborate 'Tree of Life' Design. The train is signed 'Rec'd of Mdme Leconte by me Magd. Giles'. The name Leconte has…

Mantua | Leconte | V&A Search the Collections

Women's Shoes of Figured Silk Satin 1740-50s

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