The Blissful Sea & Me

I always am drawn to the beauty and romance of the sea. I once read that we who feel such peace and comfort around water are naturally drawn to it because we felt so comfortable in our beloved mother's womb (floating in the amniotic fluid) that our soul, our hearts, our minds, feel immediately calmed when we are near water. Throughout my life, when nothing else can seem to quiet the world around me....I return to my it ocean, sea,lake,river,bay...Gulf
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this is awesome! "When you feel like you're drowning in life, don't worry- your lifeguard walks on water"

Seashell Wreath - for my dream beach house!!

Make a seashell wreath with your seashells for beach theme decorating. Great DIY - Add shells to a wreath for flowers! (LOTS OF GLUE!

Pretty in Pink Beach Chairs

Nothing like sitting with your toes in the sand at the beach in a "PINK" striped beach chair!

sunset colors

This photo demonstrates colour. Colour is ho bright or dull the pigment in the photo is. This photo demonstrates colour because of the softness of the colours in the photo. The softness of the colour gives this image a very calming affect.