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Cats! The art of sleeping in a box :)

Why spend money on a cat bed? Boxes are best!

Cats! The art of sleeping in a box :)

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Some re-assembly required :)

Be The Box. You must be able to get your whole body in the box, no matter what it takes. Become one with the box!

Thinking Outside the Box. Two of your feet - preferably on opposite sides of your body - must remain outside the box at all times...

Not in a box, but gorgeous anyway. :)

A nap with toys. :)

This position is for experienced box habitation. :)

No wasted space. :)

This way up... :)

The L-shaped position.

Haven't got a box? A basket will do. :)

Surely that can't be comfortable? :)

Purrfect fit. :)

Hmmm... a little small? :)

The sausage-roll approach. :)